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Why You Need a Personal Brand

Why You Need a Personal Brand

In 'Discover Your CEO Brand,' Suzanne Bates shows business leaders how a personal brand can accelerate their career and add value to their organizations.

"Your brand is in essence your reputation," says Suzanne Bates, author of the new book, "Discover Your CEO Brand."

"Reputation is the most important asset you have in business," Bates added.

Bates argues that CEOs such as Ford's Alan Mulally, Apple's Steve Jobs and PepsiCo's Indra Nooyi added billions of dollars to the value of their companies by developing a personal leadership style based on their values and beliefs, and then effectively communicating those values throughout their organizations and to the public at large.

In this exclusive IndustryWeek audio interview, Bates discusses what a personal brand is, how to start developing one, where social media fits in in brand development and how to avoid a brand disaster.

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