Checking The Mail? F9? F9?

Office workers becoming compulsive e-mail checkers

New research from Intermedia reveals a number of "obsessive-compulsive" habits that are now common among office workers. According to the survey results, 57% of people continuously tap the F9 (refresh) button to check for new e-mails. In addition, 45% of senior managers claim to file each message neatly, with only 9% never filing any messages at all.

The survey of more than 1,000 SMB workers reveals that:

  • 60% of office workers and 50% of senior managers admit to regularly sending e-mails without the promised attachments, then resending moments later
  • More than half of both senior managers and other employees save every message, no matter how irrelevant
  • 15% of senior bosses have sent messages to the wrong "John" or "Mary" in their address book
  • 6% admit abusing the "High priority!" feature (to the dismay of co-workers)

"Office workers are now totally dependent on e-mail, so it's not surprising that unusual habits have developed," said Rurik Bradbury, VP of strategy for Intermedia.

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