The C130 Hercules is a Lockheeddesigned and built fourengine turboprop aircraft used for troop and cargo transport

The C-130 Hercules is a Lockheed-designed and built, four-engine turboprop aircraft, used for troop and cargo transport.

Lockheed Draws DOD Contract Upgrade for Cargo/Transport Planes

Lockheed Martin Corp. has landed a $287.2-million mark-up to an earlier U.S. Dept. of Defense contract for its C-130J transport aircraft. The order for five more planes pushes the original order, placed late last year, to roughly $5.7 billion, and totaling 88 aircraft over five years.

Lockheed Martin Wins DOD Contract Worth Over $5 Billion

Lockheed, Rolls-Royce Contracted to Support RAF’s C-130 Fleet

According to published reports, a U.S. Air Force source claimed the additional planes were added to the original order during Congressional budget reviews.


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