Top 10 Impacts Of Computing Complexity On IT Services

Sophistication is the hallmark of the "consumerization" of business IT, and is having a dramatic effect on the IT services needs of today's enterprise.

These days, it's almost impossible to turn your head without seeing a computing device of some kind or another.

In fact, many people are getting more and more annoyed by the increase in the sophistication and proliferation across all levels of business and society. And noone has more right to complain than those in charge of managing those multiple devices in IT services departments. Here's a list of 10 impacts of computing complexity and the integration of business and IT, ranked from biggest to smallest.

  1. Increased security issues, requiring new security procedures and software
  2. New skills required of support staff
  3. Increased use of outsourcing organizations to manage demands
  4. More in-depth expertise required of support staff
  5. Added controls for remote use of confidential company information
  6. Support needs to be provided outside of regular work hours
  7. Networking/communications equipment and management increases
  8. Additional language skills required for local language support
  9. Increase in end-user services staff size
  10. New policies required to manage communications compliance
Source: Unisys

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