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2014 IndustryWeek Manufacturing Salary Survey [SLIDESHOW]

U.S. manufacturing managers earned an average salary of $111,480, according to the 2014 IndustryWeek Salary Survey. That's up from $103,613 in the previous year's survey and the second consecutive year in which the average has breached the $100,000 level. The average doesn't tell the whole story, however. Age, education and seniority are among the demographics that play into any individual's average salary. Scroll through the full slideshow for down and dirty details of the 2014 IW Salary Survey. Also, read the accompanying feature, 2014 IW Salary Survey: Manufacturing Pay Gets a Boost.

Then check out the IndustryWeek Salary Calculator, a meshing of IW Salary Survey data, which includes responses from 1230,  boosted by predictive analytics.

Download the IW Salary Survey


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