Restarting Operations

Restarting Operations: A Template for Safety Practices and Protocols

April 29, 2020
Making sure everyone is on the same page as they return from COVID-19 shutdowns.

COVID-19 has imposed a ‘new normal’ for manufacturers around the world that will likely become a ‘permanent normal’ for how we think and act to contain this crisis – and future pandemics. Besides figuring out better supply chain solutions, those who re-open their operations must expand upon existing safety protocols, rapidly deploying plans to protect their people and facilities – all while remaining in compliance with federal, state and local guidelines. 

In turn, these protocols must drive training to ensure that everyone in the company is on the same page, actively taking ownership of personal and collective COVID-19 practices within each facility.

Here’s an example of 'new normal' operating practices and protocols that should become part of your operation's lean daily management system.

Once your management and supervisory teams have set up COVID-19 operating practices as part of your daily management routine and provided training to ensure understanding, you’ll want to continually encourage employees and to insist on their adherence to these protocols every day.

Be sure to incorporate practices as recommended by the CDC’s Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Facility guidelines

Here’s an employee checklist template that we developed that can be adapted for any operation. 

These checklists may also be downloaded here.

Tony Rodriguez is president and Mike Beauregard is senior consultant at Daniel Penn Associates

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