DuPont's Safety Branches Out

DuPont's safety record is 11 times better than the U.S. industry average due to its program called STOP (safety training observation program). With 6 million workers injured per year at a cost of more than $125 billion, according to OSHA, a good safety record translates into substantial savings very quickly.

Hoping to repeat DuPont's safety record, other companies including Boeing, Raytheon, GM, Alcoa, Amtrak and Exxon are using this comprehensive program. It consists of five components: STOP for Supervision, STOP for Employees, STOP for Each Other, Advanced STOP, and STOP for Ergonomics.

Government agencies such as NASA, the Department of Energy and the U.S. Post Office have signed onto the program as well. Michael Crickenberger, vice president of DuPont government business development, envisions more government agencies signing up for the program due to its new interactive features, "By streamlining the STOP program and enhancing interactivity, federal supervisors and employees now have more opportunities to practice skills and apply new insights through a thought-provoking individual and group educational approach."

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