New USB Flash Key Unlocks The Enterprise

New USB Flash Key Unlocks The Enterprise

Plethora Technology partners with Kanguru to unveil new tool for enterprise computing.

Plethora Technology recently announced the launch of a secure, real-time application, information, and resource access service ever deployed on a portable USB Flash Drive. Pushing the envelope of USB-based solutions, Plethora's comprehensive Enterprise-in-a-Flash incorporates and extends the latest innovative USB Flash drives from market leader Kanguru Solutions to provide unmatched portability and guaranteed 2-factor security for mobile professionals and distributed teams seeking to access and share resources.

Users leverage the Enterprise-in-a-Flash service to transfer files and share screens with teammates, access remote PC desktops and file shares, and connect with critical business systems. They simply plug in their USB Key at any computer anywhere with an Internet connection, log in, and use the intuitive point-and-click desktop interface to activate the necessary service components to complete their tasks. No additional software or hardware is required, and nothing is ever left behind on the remote computer.

From a security standpoint, the USB Key acts like an online ATM card. In combination with a username and password entered at login time by the user, unique identifying information on each USB Key serves as a second factor of authentication -- just as the ATM card combines with a PIN to authenticate a user seeking to withdraw cash. Unlike similar systems, however, the extra authentication power in Enterprise-in-a-Flash is transparent to the user for greater ease of use. The system also automatically and transparently enforces government-grade 256-bit AES encryption for all session traffic, ensuring end-to-end security.

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