Six Challenges for Driverless Cars Getty Images

Six Challenges for Driverless Cars

The high cost of technology, the limitations of a machine to make ethical decisions and the potential for cyber attacks are among the barriers to acceptance that automotive experts discussed last week.

Driverless cars still have some major hurdles to overcome before they become part of the transportation landscape. Experts in automotive and technology discussed some of the barriers to mainstream acceptance at the Automated Vehicles Symposium in Ypsilanti, Mich., the Detroit Free Press reported over the weekend.

The hurdles mentioned in the article include: 

1. Cybersecurity and privacy protection: One major attack and consumer confidence in the technology could be severely damaged. 

2. Motor vehicle safety codes vary: In certain states vehicles can cross a double yellow line if it necessary to get around another vehicle blocking traffic. In other states it is illegal.

3. How do established automakers market vehicles designed to deliver convenience more than performance?  As former McKinsey & Co. consultant Glenn Mercer said Tuesday, "Think about BMW. When you're making the 'Ultimate Driving Machine', how do you market that you don't need to drive?"

Other concerns were:

4. Cost of the technology

5. Relying on a machine to make ethical decisions

6. Weather interference with remote sensing technology.

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