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Alcan, Inc. Calls On Aluminum Industry To Become Role Model For Sustainability

Declaring that the aluminum industry has the "science and the will to establish global targets that favorably impact the environment, " Richard B. Evans, executive vice president of Alcan called upon the delegates at the CRU 10th World Aluminum conference in Reykjavik, Iceland to act.

"The industry has already achieved much in this area and it must continue to work with governments and other stakeholders to establish worldwide sector- specific targets, so that we can manage better the economic, environmental, and social impact of Kyoto and subsequent regulatory frameworks," he added.

Alcan, Inc., a global leader in aluminum and packaging and recycling, advocates aluminum as a "green" material as it is one of the most recyclable and its net benefit to the planet is a positive. Furthermore Alcan believes that aluminum may be better positioned than it has been in several decades relative to both steel and polymer resins.

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