Bosch Expands Production for Solar Technology

International manufacturing powerhouse responds to increase in worldwide production capacity for solar collectors

The Bosch Group announced that it is significantly expanding its production of solar thermal systems. Bosch's Thermotechnology Division expects sales of more than 150,000 solar collectors in 2007, 60 percent more than it sold in 2006, and is looking to more than double sales by 2009.

Solar power is second only to wind power in making the greatest contribution to meeting worldwide energy needs among all renewable energy systems. No CO2 emissions are produced during the operation of a solar thermal system. Two collectors, each with a surface area of around two square meters, are required to heat water for a four-person household.

The global market for solar thermal systems is growing strongly with sales expected to reach 2.6 billion euros ($3.26 b) within the next five years. 2006 sales totaled 1.2 billion euros ($1.5 b).

Last year, Bosch Thermotechnology launched a new generation of durable collectors that are particularly lightweight and easy to assemble and recycle. Environmentally friendly solar thermal systems in combination with state-of- the-art condensing technology are also more economical to run.

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