Carbon Tax Revenues Could Help Create 14 Million Jobs Says Labor Organization

Jobs would be created if a price on CO <sub>2</sub> was imposed and the resulting revenues were used to cut labor taxes, UN group says

Revenues from a carbon tax on emissions could be used to help create 14 million jobs by 2014, a report by the UN labor agency said on Dec. 7.

"If a price on CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions was imposed -- at a level close to what is internationally suggested -- and if the resulting revenues were used to cut labor taxes, then employment would rise by 0.5% by 2014," the report on the global jobs crisis said.

The International Labor Organization added that the amount was "equivalent to over 14.3 million net new jobs for the world economy as a whole."

Lead author Raymond Torres said the estimates were based on a $30 per ton price for CO2 emissions.

The issue of carbon pricing and taxation is among those up for discussion at the UN climate change conference that began on Dec. 7 in Copenhagen.

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