DIY Alternative Fuel Software Released

Software package allows users to make hydrogen, E85 or biodiesel fuel

Touch & Talk Software International recently announced the release of the H2 Power Core Software Suite, a software package that allows companies and consumers to make their own hydrogen generator, E85 ethanol or Biodiesel fuel.

The H2 Power Core Software hydrogen generator module includes a study of the technology and safety considerations required to build a hydrogen generator for use in cars and trucks. This module includes a detailed listing of tools, parts list and source information as well as photos and detailed instructions required to safely build a hydrogen generator.

The E85 ethanol and biodiesel modules include a study of the technology and safety considerations required to make E85 ethanol or biodiesel fuels for cars and trucks. The modules contain detailed listings of both the tools and parts required to make clean burning fuel from renewable crop sources. The H2 Power Core Software Suite also includes a fuel additive recipe that can be used in either gas or diesel engines to increase mileage for both cars and trucks.

For more information visit the company's website at

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