Dow CEO to Co-Chair Obama's Advanced Manufacturing Partnership

Chemical industry hopeful the appointment will result in favorable regulatory policies for chemical producers.

Dow Chemical Co. Chairman and CEO Andrew Liveris will co-chair President Barack Obama's newly formed Advanced Manufacturing Partnership, the company said June 24.

Liveris will lead the initiative with Massachusetts Institute of Technology President Susan Hockfield.

Liveris has served as Dow's CEO since 2004 and has worked for the company for 35 years. He has been a strong advocate of a national manufacturing policy. In January he published a book called "Make it in America: The Case for Re-Inventing the Economy."

Among the topics Liveris discussed in his book was the need for policies that foster new infrastructure, research and development, education and regulatory reform.

He has also voiced his support for free-trade agreements and the positive impact it has had on manufacturing.

"America enjoys a trade surplus with countries with whom we share free-trade agreements," said Liveris in his book. "When other countries lower their tariffs, it makes our exports more competitive and gives us access to new markets. That boosts demand for our products, increases our jobs and boosts our economic growth."

Liveris called on Congress to ratify free-trade agreements with Columbia, Panama and South Korea.

Liveris' appointment to Obama's council shows the president recognizes the chemical industry as a critical part of the U.S. economy, American Chemistry Council President and CEO Cal Dooley said.

"We are pleased that President Obama has recognized the essential role that chemical manufacturers will play in fulfilling his vision by naming Andrew Liveris chairman, said Dooley in a statement. "In particular, we are encouraged by the president's focus on industrial energy efficiency and the effort to move advanced materials to market more quickly -- a goal that will only be possible if we have an updated, sound and efficient federal chemical regulatory system in place."

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