Energy Efficient Humidifier Introduced

New insulated steam dispersion tubing method developed for energy and cost savings

ustrial and commercial humidification systems developer Dri-Steem Corporation recently debuted its insulated tubes for Ultra-sorb and Rapid-sorb steam dispersion systems. They provide significant energy savings for either new or existing applications: Wasted energy is reduced by up to 85%, and airstream heat gain and dispersion-generated condensate production are also significantly lowered.

The energy savings from Dri-Steem's insulated dispersion tubes can provide product payback in less than one year for electric humidification systems and in about 1.5 years for natural gas humidification systems. These substantial cost-saving improvements are achieved by reducing the thermal conductivity of dispersion tubes with polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), an advanced insulation that meets stringent duct/AHU requirements. This robust insulating material has a fire/smoke index of 0/0, and is rated for continuous high-temperature (300 F) operation.

The PVDF insulating material will not absorb water or support microbial growth, due to its closed-cell construction, and it will not degrade when exposed to UVC germicidal light. Advanced manufacturing processes ensure that the insulation is secured firmly to the dispersion tubes and will not loosen or shift.

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