GE Introduces Fleet Management Tech for Railcars and Intermodal Assets

VeriWise Rail and VeriWise Intermodal designed to enhance safety, security and productivity of moving goods by rail

GE Equipment Services recently announced the introduction of VeriWise Rail and VeriWise Intermodal, two remote asset management solutions that the company says are designed to provide customers with on-demand visibility into the status of their fleet and the cargo it carries.

GE's VeriWise technology is already in service on more than 150,000 transportation assets in North America and Europe, providing decision support data directly to cargo shippers and carriers. The tool helps to enhance safety and security, improve shipment delivery cycles and increase supply chain productivity.

To accomplish these ends, VeriWise uses remote monitoring devices, sensors, algorithms and satellite and cellular-based communications networks to gather and provide information about a fleet's location and the environmental conditions inside each railcar or intermodal unit. Customers manage their fleet operations through a secure Web interface at their discretion and on their own schedule.

Whether a shipment contains hazardous materials, agricultural commodities, coal, high-value electronics or automobiles, the ability to monitor location and a range of conditions offers shippers a wealth of information to plan arrivals, unloadings and restockings more efficiently.

Rail Services customers have been experiencing the benefits of VeriWise since mid-2006. Materials being transported by those customers include hazardous chemicals and agricultural commodities.

GE's VeriWise solution, including equipment, sensors and communications platform were the first in the rail industry to be UL-913 certified. (UL-913 is a North American design and performance standard applied to electrical apparatus intended to be operated in explosive or flammable environments.)

All of GE's VeriWise solutions are designed for use in harsh operating conditions, and include advanced power management software required for assets without their own captive power source. Trickle-charged solar units and embedded algorithms stretch usage with no loss of performance.

VeriWise was developed for rail and intermodal assets by Equipment Services' Asset Intelligence division, producers of the VeriWise Trucking solution.

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