Global Climate Change -- DuPont's Recommendations

Science is sufficient to compel prudent action according to Holliday.

Wilmington, Del.-based E. I. Du Pont de Nemours and Company CEO Charles O. Holliday Jr. is convinced that science is sufficient to compel prudent action to address global climate change. He believes such policies should include:

  • Actions in all sectors of the economy, with measures tailored to economic conditions in various sectors
  • Incentives to reduce emissions of all greenhouse gases
  • Measures to ensure economic efficiency, which is best achieved by harnessing the power of the market
  • Recognition that there is no "silver bullet." Effective action will require a comprehensive suite of policies to include energy efficiency, alternate energy and market measures such as cap and trade. Mandates, incentives and government support will all be required.
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    Provisions for near-, mid- and long-term actions. We need to take such actions as current technologies will allow in an economically sustainable way as we drive development of next generation technologies.
  • To encourage early voluntary actions, those who make verifiable voluntary reductions in advance of requirement should be credited for those reductions
  • Addressing climate change will require a transformation of how we produce and consume energy. The role of science and technology development and diffusion, and governmental incentives and support for such efforts, are critical.
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