HP Goes Vertical In Energy Sector

New energy-focused solution to aid in increasingly regulated environment.

"We're living in an era where data elements are traded like cash," said Gary Lefkowitz, a product marketing director at Hewlett-Packard Co. With security uncertainty plaguing the marketplace at large, some extra legislative attention is being paid to infrastructure-critical energy companies who labor under ever-increasing compliance requirements and reliability standards.

With an estimated 65% of the worldwide electric power systems running on HP platforms, it's not surprising that the high-tech giant chose to focus development efforts on developing a vertical solution to meet this sector's growing regulatory demands.

The result of this research -- HP Trusted Compliance Solution for Energy (TCS-e) -- helps power and energy companies mitigate security risk by providing robust protection against hacking threats. The automation technology in HP TCS-e also helps energy companies reduce the business risks and costs associated with noncompliance -- such as audits, sanctions and fines.

More information is available at www.hp.com/go/TCS-energy.

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