Rechargeable Battery Assn. Meeting With U.S. Dept of Transportation

Government, industry experts meet to discuss developments and battery regulations and standards; Japanese experts to also address conference

The Portable Rechargeable Battery Association and the U.S. Department of Transportation have scheduled meetings with battery industry experts on May 24-25 near Dulles International Airport to exchange information on recent developments on lithium-ion and lithium metal battery regulations and standards. Battery experts from the federal government, trade associations, and testing laboratories are expected to attend.

The Battery Association of Japan and the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association will jointly make a presentation on the safe use of lithium-ion batteries in notebook computers.

Industry participants are expected to discuss the status of lithium metal and lithium ion battery hazardous materials regulations and the potential risks posed by carrying and transporting these batteries aboard aircraft. Experts will also review battery standards-setting efforts being conducted by industry organizations.

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