Supply Chain Carbon Tracking Software Introduced

Australian company launches carbon emission tracker, financial viability evaluation and regulatory compliance tool for business

Supply Chain Consulting, a global provider of enterprise software solutions and services, today announced the availability of CarbonView, a software solution that allows organizations to view and optimize their complete supply chain by looking at it from a financial and carbon perspective. By acting on results of analysis conducted by CarbonView, organizations can achieve financial savings and carbon reduction internally and across the supply chain.

Supply Chain Consulting has been working with a number of key carbon database suppliers globally to provide comprehensive greenhouse gas emission data that organisations will require for effective analysis of the environmental consequences of their operations.

Using this data, and data that companies have collected internally, businesses can run different supply chain scenarios, comparing economic and environmental changes and the impact on their supply chain to determine which scenario is environmentally sound while being financially viable.

In addition, CarbonView allows ongoing carbon emission monitoring, with alerts set to be triggered once operations cause emissions to reach pre-determined levels.

CarbonView does not require the replacement of existing systems. It is a layer that sits above all organisations in a supply chain, giving them a common carbon visibility platform.

Using CarbonView businesses can determine: the best plan for their business given carbon targets, and financial objectives, creating realistic methods of reducing carbon emissions while maintaining profitability; and determine the facts about whether offset projects or alternative supply chain strategies are more appropriate for an individual business; which will also result in competitive advantage, taking the business beyond simple compliance.

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