Toyota's Eco-Friendly Plan for New Plant

Toyota's Eco-Friendly Plan for New Plant

Mississippi plant will have green features.

Lean manufacturing pioneer Toyota Motor Corp. will use its model of efficiency to create an environmentally friendly plant in Blue Springs, Miss. Plant plans call for machines with smaller motors that use less energy, shorter conveyor lines, line-side recycling, energy-efficient lighting and other potential energy-saving features, according to Toyota spokesman Victor Vanov.

Plant leaders will look for other opportunities through kaizen events. "Basically what we're doing is we have our 13 manufacturing plants and they have a standard process for what they do," says Vanov. "What [the] Mississippi [plant] will do is come in and say, We can utilize this, but how can we make this more
efficient and do it better."

Toyota also plans to reduce CO2 levels by using renewable energy, including biomass and natural energy sources, such as solar and wind power, according to a statement released by Mississippi's governor's office. The Blue Springs plant is one of four production facilities worldwide that Toyota has designated as models for sustainable activities.

Toyota broke ground in April 2007 on a plant in Blue Springs, Miss., that's designed
for energy efficiency.
Toyota will build its Highlander sport utility vehicle at the plant, which is scheduled to start production by 2010. The facility, located outside of Tupelo, will have the capacity to build 150,000 vehicles annually. In July 2007 Toyota announced that it would build a $180 million auto body plant in north Mississippi that will serve as a supplier for the Blue Springs facility.

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