Tracking Carbon Emission Across Supply Chain

Software let companies run scenarios to reduce carbon footprints.

A new software solution, called CarbonView, from Supply Chain Consulting, helps companies capture, analyze and optimize carbon emission data across their operations. Using data generated from the program a company can run different supply chain scenarios, comparing economic and environmental changes and the impact on their supply chain to determine which scenario is environmentally sound while being financially viable.

"By analyzing supply chains at all levels organizations can reduce carbon footprints at various stages of product design, manufacture, distribution and sale. The result is a double bottom line benefit of financial control and environmental improvements," said Tony Carr, CEO of Supply Chain Consulting which is based in Sydney, Australia. "Environmental stewardship is engulfing businesses in Europe, with Australia and other nations set to follow suit," he added.

CarbonView also provides ongoing carbon emission monitoring, with alerts set to be triggered once operations cause emissions to reach pre-determined levels.

"By preparing now, business can act on their carbon footprint before stakeholders and consumers demand action," said Carr.

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