U.S. Remains The Largest Hybrid Car Market

U.S. market growing, accounted for 70% of global hybrid sales in 2005

A June report entitled "Hybrid Cars Market Outlook" from RNCOS concluded that although current hybrid technology has the potential to enter the mainstream, high cost limited the global presence of hybrid automobiles.

Because of their higher initial cost, the market share of hybrids is likely to be limited to half or less than half of all light-duty vehicles even in the long-run, unless policy and market conditions change significantly in favor of hybrids.

Other key findings include:

  • The U.S. remains the largest hybrid car market, accounting for nearly 70% of global hybrid sales in 2005 due in a large part to high oil prices and increased environmental awareness.
  • Toyota and Honda are the leading players in the global hybrid market.
  • In the global hybrid car industry, strategies differ from player to player. Toyota, for example, aims to offer a full lineup of models by emphasizing on the output power of its hybrid system, whereas Honda concentrates on the development of small cars.

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