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Start-Up New York Attracting Companies, Jobs

Jan. 2, 2015
To date START-UP NY has brought in 2,100 new jobs, 40 companies and $98 million in investment.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced last week that 13 additional businesses will expand or locate in New York State as a result of START-UP NY.

Established in 2013, START-UP NY seeks to accelerate entrepreneurialism and job creation across the State on a large scale, with a particular focus on Upstate New York.

To date the initiative has brought in 2,100 new jobs, 40 companies and $98 million in investment.

Under the program, businesses have the opportunity to operate tax-free for 10 years on eligible land and space. Businesses partner with the higher education institutions, enabling them to access industry experts and advanced research laboratories.

“START-UP NY is continuing to change the game when it comes to growing the State’s economy,” said Governor Andrew Cuomo. “By combining our State’s world-class workforce and unparalleled communities and natural environment with the chance to operate tax-free, this program is attracting the businesses that will drive New York’s economy and create jobs and new opportunities for years to come.”

The 13 businesses announced last week are projected to invest more than $11.4 million and have committed to creating at least 268 new jobs in tax-free areas sponsored by Canisius College, Keuka College, Stony Brook University, SUNY Downstate Medical Center, SUNY Ulster and University at Buffalo.

The START-UP NY businesses expanding in or locating to the Empire State will create jobs in several key industries, including biotechnology research and development, advanced manufacturing, education technology, data processing, hosting and services, security systems services, and software development.

The following businesses were recently approved to participate in START-UP NY: FlightPartner; GradFly, Inc.; ID Federator, LLC; Illuminating Diagnostics, LLC; Mid-Island Aggregates/Distribution, LLC; NomoCan Pharmaceuticals, LLC; Nuenz, Inc.; ProGen Life Sciences; Sensored Life, LLC; Simply Natural Clothing; Sustainable Waste Power Systems, Inc.; UTS, LLC; and Zuznow USA, Inc.

Each of the businesses approved for START-UP NY is sponsored by an in-state educational institution. 

New Investments

Companies expanding or locating include:

University at Buffalo – 130 net new jobs

GradFly, Inc. is an existing education technology business based in Buffalo since 2013.  The company offers a web/mobile-based platform that allows STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) students to showcase work and connect to other students, colleges and employers by creating digital portfolios to document and manage their engineering projects in a single location. GradFly will locate in the Innovation Center of the  Buffalo Niagara Medical Center and create 15 net new jobs while investing $45,000.

ID Federator, LLC is a new start-up company, near product launch, that provides hosted Identity and Access Management (IAM) Services and will be selling a hosted social login IAM service called Chameleon Identity. The hosted IAM market is rapidly growing and, as internet users are accumulating many login identities from various providers, website owners need better ways to accept and use those credentials to safely store and use the data provided by the users. Website owners must also comply with the social ID provider’s requirements for storing and managing their data. ID Federator will locate in the Gateway Building and create 43 net new jobs while investing $75,000.

Illuminating Diagnostics, LLC is a biotech startup company that will produce novel rapid diagnostic tests for hospital acquired infections, such as MRSA. The tests provide results in about t10 minutes, while the patient is receiving care, and do not require lab analysis. The company was founded in Western New York by a University at Buffalo graduate to commercialize the tests and obtain FDA approval for clinical use. The company will locate in the Biosciences Incubator and create 32 net new jobs while investing $1,225,000.

Nuenz, Inc. is a startup company that is being established to produce an advanced ceramic nanomaterial, silicon nitride nanofibers, which are of significant potential use in high performance composites for aerospace, automotive, defense, energy, industrial and other markets. The main customers of the technology, which was developed in New Zealand, are manufacturers of composites located throughout the United States. The company will locate in the Baird Research Park and create 40 net new jobs while investing $3,830,000.

University of Buffalo President Satich K. Tripathi said, “The addition of these companies to START-UP NY is further affirmation that this innovative program led by the governor is thriving in the Buffalo Niagara region. The program is bringing talented professionals to our region and providing opportunities to those already here. It is a terrific benefit to UB’s academic enterprise.”

Stony Brook University – 51 net new jobs

FlightPartner is a startup, software-as-a-service (SaaS) company which provides efficient air charter transportation through a global distribution system. FlightPartner leverages technology, providing air charter operators, brokers and travelers immediate quoting and booking options. The company will locate in Stony Brook University’s CEWIT Incubator and create nine net new jobs.

UTS, LLC is an existing, expanding business on Long Island with 20 years of experience in electric vehicle and hybrid electric vehicle marke. The company has developed a proprietary ultracapacitor-based energy storage system, including storage, management and controls for light, medium and heavy duty vehicles ranging from 6,000 to 8,000 lbs. GVW. The company is ready to begin commercializing its product and will be located in the Advanced Energy Research and Technology Center to create 22 new jobs while investing $1.2 million.

ProGen Life Sciences is a new business in the diagnostic substance manufacturing industry.  The company will develop diagnostic biomarkers that can guide physicians in choosing the most effective therapeutic approach in clinical decision making. ProGen Life Sciences will locate at the Long Island High Technology Incubator on Stony Brook University’s campus and create 13 net new jobs while investing $1,690,000.

Zuznow USA, Inc. is a new business to both New York and the United States, having previously only had an office in Israel and no other presence in the country.  The company is developing an automatic mobile adaptation platform for web-based enterprise applications. To date, 40 small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises in Israel are using the Zuznow platform to “mobilize” their applications. The company’s next target market is the United States, specifically the greater New York City area. It will locate in Stony Brook University’s CEWIT Incubator and create seven net new jobs while investing $29,300.

SUNY Ulster – 44 net new jobs

Mid-Island Aggregates/Distribution, LLC is a new-to-New York business that will remanufacture locally available mine tailings and turn them into useful construction products for landscaping, remediation, and construction projects. The company has identified numerous former mining sites, and has identified large reserves of sand, stone, and fine clay deposits scattered around the State. The company will locate in the Callahan Industries Plant and create five new jobs while investing $1,540,000.

Sustainable Waste Power Systems, Inc. (SWPS) is a new-to-New York business that provides products and services built around its patented waste-to-energy system marketed as GIPO – Garbage In Power Out. SWPS is commercializing this new, clean conversion process through manufacturing and selling small-scale, on-site, waste conversion systems with net positive economic advantages for the customer. The company will locate in Building 22 at Tech City and create 39 new jobs while investing $516,780.

Keuka College – 17 net new jobs

Sensored Life, LLC is a designer and manufacturer of MarCELL, a home monitoring device for monitoring temperature, humidity, power, and water leaks. It utilizes the surrounding cellular network to return data to its servers – no phone line or Wi-Fi connection is needed. The company is ready to take the product and service to the market and is looking to add employees, including software engineers, hardware designers, customer service personnel and warehouse workers. Sensored Life will locate in the Keuka Business Park and create 17 net new jobs while investing $140,000.

Canisius College – 16 net new jobs

Simply Natural Clothing is an existing, expanding New York State company that manufactures eco-luxe clothing and accessories for men and women. The clothing is made from organic fibers from the United States with a “farm to market” concept, using local suppliers of raw materials such as alpaca and cotton. The company is investing in their own garment machinery and creating jobs in 3-D technology and related fields. Simply Natural Clothing will locate in the Canisius Women’s Business Center and create 16 net new jobs while investing $1,033,600.

Canisius President John J. Hurley said, “We are excited to get our START-UP NY initiative started by bringing the Simply Natural Clothing company to our campus. START-UP NY will not only grow our economy and create jobs but will also provide experiential learning opportunities for our students.  Our business, accounting, marketing and entrepreneurship students will gain invaluable experience working with Simply Natural Clothing, a company that uses advanced technology to manufacture environmentally-friendly products."

SUNY Downstate Medical Center – 10 net new jobs

NomoCan Pharmaceuticals, LLC is a biotechnology research business new to New York State with products in development for diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The company will locate in the SUNY Downstate Biotechnology Incubator and create 10 net new jobs while investing $155,0

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