Industrial Equipment Manufacturer Expands in Nebraska

Industrial Equipment Manufacturer Expands in Nebraska

Orthman Manufacturing Inc., a manufacturer of agricultural and industrial equipment, broke ground on Wednesday on its new manufacturing facility in Lexington, Neb. About 100 jobs will be added.

The company said the new facility is the result of growth in the agricultural economy.

"The added capacity will allow us to competitively supply our agronomy-based technology into the industry that is feeding the world, keeping them efficient,” said  Orthman President John McCoy.

The new, 115,000-square-foot facility will operate in tandem with Orthman's existing northeast Lexington facility and will be completed by August 2013.

Headquartered in Lexington, Neb., the company produces conveyor and materials bulkhandling systems, SoilMover industrial earth-moving equipment, Inter-Motion custom machine design/build/rebuild. 

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