Paper Mill Expansion Both Retains and Add Jobs in Louisiana

Paper Mill Expansion Both Retains and Adds Jobs in Louisiana

Boise's machine upgrades allows for new production capability adding direct and indirect jobs.

Boise Inc.’s decision to invest $111 million to upgrade a major paper machine at  its DeRidder Paper Mill plant will have a multiplier effect when it comes to jobs. The company will retain 440 existing jobs and add 54 jobs. Additionally there will be 222 new indirect jobs with 600 constructions jobs added as well.

The reconfiguration of a former newsprint machine will allow the company to make lightweight linerboard and corrugated material, key components of packaging.

“When we took office, we made the retention and expansion of our existing businesses one of our highest priorities,” explained Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. “Our aggressive efforts to improve our business climate helped boost new growth in Louisiana’s economy, including for the paper industry. Boise looked at investing in other states, but the company chose to invest in Louisiana because of our outstanding business climate, world-class infrastructure and incomparable workforce.”

The DeRidder Paper Mill represents one of Boise’s largest facilities and includes three paper machines. Market conditions in 2009 led to the idling of the newsprint machine that will be converted through the new project. 

The state began working with Boise on the project in May 2012, with the DeRidder site winning the expansion project. To secure the project, the Louisiana Economic Development offered Boise competitive incentives that include a $3 million Modernization Tax Credit, to be claimed over five years; $600,000 in Economic Development Award Program funding for public infrastructure improvements associated with the project; and the services of LED FastStart, a state workforce development program.

In addition, Boise Inc. is expected to utilize the Quality Jobs and Industrial Tax Exemption programs.

Boise Inc. is headquartered in Idaho, operates packaging and paper facilities in 17 states, Canada, Mexico, France, the Netherlands and Spain. 

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