Top 10 Countries for Foreign Direct Investment

For the second year in a row the US is the place that most FDI is flowing into.

This rating comes from the Foreign Direct Investment Confidence Index, established in 1998 by ATKearney. It ranks countries based on how changes in their political, economic, and regulatory systems are likely to affect foreign direct investment inflows in the coming years.

A full 49% of respondents have a positive view of the United States, the highest number recorded in the index’s 16-year history.

OECD member states account for 17 of the top 25 likely FDI destinations (including 11 European countries), in what appears to be a flight to quality, according to AT Kearney. However a core group of developing economies—China, Brazil, and India among them—continues to enjoy widespread confidence among business leaders. Many other emerging markets also make this year's cut

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