BP, Petrobras Remove Workers From Libya

BP suspends onshore drilling plans.

BP plc evacuated approximately 80 staff members and their families and suspended onshore drilling preparations in Libya amid unrest in the North African nation, spokesman Robert Wine said Feb. 24.

The company also removed about two-dozen contract workers from Libya, according to Wine. An additional 100 local staff members near Tripoli have been accounted for and are safe, Wine said.

BP does not have any production operations in Libya but is in the beginning stages of onshore and offshore exploration.

Brazilian oil giant Petrobras also responded to the potential danger by evacuating four employees and three of their family members from Tripoli.

Petrobras' employees and their dependents are now on the island of Malta where arrangements are being made to bring them back to Brazil.

Petrobras also says it's monitoring the situation of its nearly 15 Libyan employees who remain in the country.

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