Chemicals led the increase in manufacturing sales in Canada in June Sarnia39s Chemical Valley in Ontario is one of Canada39s primary chemical processing sites Photo by P199/Wikipedia Commons
<p>Chemicals led the increase in manufacturing sales in Canada in June. Sarnia&#39;s Chemical Valley in Ontario is one of Canada&#39;s primary chemical processing sites.</p>

Canadian Manufacturing Sales Edge Up in June

Chemicals led a small rise in manufacturing sales in June, Statistics Canada reported.

Overall manufacturing sales were up 0.6% in June to $52.0 billion, the fifth gain in six months. Sales of manufactures had risen 1.6% in May. Compared to a year ago, manufacturing sales were up 6.9%.

Chemical sales were up 8.6% to $4.2 billion in June, the agency reported, with much of the gain coming from pesticides, fertilizers and other agricultural chemicals.

Petroleum and coal products also showed strong gains, with sales rising 4.0% to $7.6 billion. Food sales increased in June to $8.0 billion, a gain of 2.2%.

Alberta had the strongest showing of Canada’s provinces, with June sales rising 4.7% to $6.9 billion. Quebec registered a 2.3% gain in manufacturing sales, to $12.1 billion.

Ontario saw manufacturing sales decline 1.3% to $23.8 billion in June. Statistics Canada said the decline was due to an 8.5% drop in motor vehicles manufacturing sales.

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