Congested Highways

Survey shows the actual cost of auto traffic delays

If you live anywhere near Chicago or Washington, D.C., this news won't surprise you at all (but let's hope you're not reading this while stuck in traffic): The distinction of having the worst commutes in the nation are shared by these two cities (based on annual delay per auto commuter).

$115 billion
the annual cost of congestion in 2009

$24 billion
the cost of congestion in 1982

3.9 billion
number of gallons of fuel wasted due to congestion in 2009

cost of congestion to the average commuter in 2009

cost of congestion per commuter in 1982
The typical commuter in both metropolitan areas wastes 70 hours per year -- plus more than 50 gallons of gas -- sitting in traffic, according to a survey conducted by Texas Transportation Institute (TTI).

Acknowledging that there is no "best way" to solve congestion problems, Tim Lomax, a research engineer with TTI, suggests that "the most effective strategy is one where [government] agency actions are complemented by efforts of businesses, manufacturers, commuters and travelers."

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