First-Ever Danieli Micromill Started Up at CMC Arizona

Commercial Metals Co. (CMC), an Irving, Texas-based manufacturer and recycler of steel and metal products, recently started up the first in a "new generation of Danieli continuous casting-rolling, compact micromills," in Mesa, Ariz.

The CMC micromill has a rated capacity of 300,000 shtpy of 12- to 36-mm rebar and Y sections, although it's capable of producing bigger sizes up to 57-mm bar, according to Danieli.

The mill makes use mainly of local scrap and supplies CMC's local fabrication shops as well as the Southwest market.

"CMC plant startup, which occurred slightly over one year from groundbreaking, is a remarkable technology milestone in production of commercial steel long products," according to Danieli.

Danieli is one of the largest suppliers of plants and equipment to the metals industry. The company describes itself as a "world leader in the design and turnkey construction of minimills up to 3,000,000 tpy," and has supplied 65% of the minimills during last 50 years and 80% during last decade, according to the company.

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