Fords August Sales Dip 11%

Automakers fourth-quarter production will be lower than last years.

Ford Motor Co.s sales in August were down 11% versus a year ago, the company reported today.

Ford, Lincoln and Mercury dealers delivered 157,503 new vehicles in August, compared with 176,323 vehicles in August 2009.

Like rival GM, which saw its August sales tumble nearly 25%, Ford was quick to point out that vehicle sales were surging in August 2009, when the Cash for Clunkers program still was in effect.

Among the Ford models that saw the steepest year-over-year declines were the Focus and the Escape. Sales of the Focus dropped from 25,547 units in August 2009 to 15,466 in August 2010; sales of the Escape dropped from 20,933 units to 14,838.

The automaker noted that it plans to produce 570,000 vehicles in fourth-quarter 2010, down from 574,000 in fourth-quarter 2009.

The Ford plan is to match capacity with real demand, and we continue to monitor the key economic indicators as we make adjustments, said Ken Czubay, Ford vice president, U.S. marketing, sales and service.

Fords year-to-date U.S. sales are up 18.3% versus last year, with truck sales up 27.2%. The automaker also boasted that August marked the 22nd time in the last 23 months that it grew its retail market share.

Ford continues to outperform the overall industry, Czubay said.

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