Large Economies Slowing While India, Russia, Brazil Expand

Leading economic indicators suggest that growth is set to slow in the world's biggest economies, while major developing powers India, Russia and Brazil continue to expand, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) said on Sept. 8.

Data for India, Russia and Brazil indicated that "steady expansion" lay ahead, while indicators suggested "a slightly weakening outlook for China".

For the 30 OECD members, which do not include China, India or Russia, the six-month rate of change was lower for the fourth month in a row. The same measure was lower for China for the third consecutive month and was also down for India for the first time since November last year. It rose for Brazil and was steady for Russia.

The CLI figure for Japan, the eurozone, Germany and Italy all fell, mirroring a downtrend for their six-month rate of change measurements. The CLI for the U.S. was steady in July and increased for Britain, France and Canada. The six-month rate of change figure fell for the U.S., France and Britain but rose for Canada.

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