Maker of Electronic and RF Products Opens New Plant in Calif.

Facility will focus on SATCOM antenna systems.

TECOM Industries Inc., a Thousand Oaks, Calif.-based manufacturer of specialized electronic and radio frequency products, has opened a new manufacturing plant in Newbury Park, Calif.

The new plant, which is six miles away from its main facility in Thousand Oaks, is dedicated to making commercial satellite communication (SATCOM) antenna systems, according to the company.

In early 2009, TECOM introduced the KuStream 1000, a broadband antenna system designed to provide passengers with broadband in-flight connectivity. The new facility will accommodate the production and testing of KuStream 1000 and other commercial SATCOM systems, according to the company.

This expansion is great news for TECOM, said Arsen Melconian, president of TECOM Industries. As the KuStream product gains market acceptance we anticipate orders for the entire KuStream product family including KuStream 1000, KuStream 2000 and newer variants.

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