Maker of Waste Management Products Expands Manufacturing Facility

BACE, a Charlotte, N.C.-based manufacturer of heavy-duty balers and compactors for the recycling and waste management industry, has added an additional 35,000 square feet of manufacturing space at its Charlotte facility.

This additional space will accommodate the continuation of our global growth plans and is a testament to our financial model, manufacturing processes and customer partnerships, said Frederick Waite, chairman and chief executive officer. While some manufacturers are reducing space, eliminating employees and taking a reactive approach to the current economic conditions, BACE feels fortunate to have added large retail customers, grocery stores and additional distributors to support our global growth strategy.

According to BACE President Matt Hatfield, the expansion doubles the facilitys fabrication space and includes investments in new equipment.

It is expected to generate significant manufacturing efficiencies by improving production capability, flexibility and flow of operations, Hatfield said.

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