New HDTV Manufacturing Plant In Ca.

Syntax-Brillian Corp. opened its first high-definition, flat-panel TV manufacturing facility in Ontario on Oct. 24. CEO Vincent Sollitto said Syntax-Brillian wanted to assemble its products closer to the regions where they are sold, as opposed to paying higher shipping costs and import taxes on TVs assembled overseas, according to a report on

The company's Olevia sets had been manufacturing in Taiwan, where its printed circuit boards and plastics for the TVs are also made.

The new 50,000 square foot plant will produce 100,000 TVs initially increasing to 200,000 per year.

While Mexico was a possible location due to its lower labor costs, Sollito said that high employee turnover mitigated the cost savings. Additionally the logistics to shipping the TVs across the border added to the cost further decreasing the cost differential.

Another advantage Ontario, Ca has, according to Mary Jane Olhasso, Ontario's economic development director is the region's expansive transportation network of freeways and rail lines, according the report.

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