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Nikon Lays Off 1,500 in Thailand

Decrease in demand leads to layoff of subcontractors

After a fall in demand put down to the global financial crisis, Nikon has laid off 1,500 sub-contractors in Thailand, a government official on Nov. 22.

Amporn Nitisiri, director general of the Labour ministry's labor protection and welfare department, said most of those losing jobs at Nikon had worked at its manufacturing plant for less than a year.

"It's increasingly drastic this year as there are now 348 companies who have laid off a total of 28,600 workers and we also think it is likely that a further 123 companies may lay off an estimated 56,000 workers," she said.

Amporn said Nikon's plant in Ayutthaya, 47 miles from Bangkok, was usually staffed by 8,000 permanent staff and 4,000 sub-contractors.

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