Nissan Recalls 25,000 Cars in Japan Over Gas Pedals

Automaker has received 43 complaints about the defects.

Carmaker Nissan is to recall more than 25,000 vehicles in Japan due to accelerator pedal defects, the company said Wednesday.

The recall of 25,024 vehicles came on top of the company's worldwide recalls for nearly 540,000 vehicles, most of them in the United States, over brake pedal defects and faulty fuel gauges.

The company decided there was a risk that gas pedals in affected cars could return slowly from a depressed position due to oil clogging up the controlling mechanism, Nissan spokesman Mitsuru Yonekawa said.

"All the vehicles subjected to the recall are equipped with the brake override system, which stops the car even when the gas pedal hasn't completely returned," he added.

The latest recall covers five passenger car models -- the Cefiro, Bluebird, Sunny, Primera and Tino -- manufactured between August 1998 and August 2002, and only affects the Japanese market, Yonekawa said.

The company has received 43 complaints about the defects, including an accident that caused a minor injury in February, the company and the Japanese transport ministry said.

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