Tractor Component Remanufacturer Expanding in Iowa

The facility will feature geothermal and wind power systems for energy efficiency.

Hy-Capacity Inc., a Humboldt, Iowa-based remanufacturer of tractor components, plans to expand its Humboldt manufacturing facility.

The company estimates that the $2 million expansion project will create 20 new jobs.

The expanded facility will streamline operations and improve traffic flow in and out of the facility, following the companys lean manufacturing philosophy to maximize efficiency and reduce waste, the company noted. Within the past decade, Hy-Capacity has trained all employees on lean manufacturing and the 5-S methodology of workplace organization.

We are pleased to begin this expansion, as it represents the growth we have experienced in recent years, said Steve Olson, president of Hy-Capacity. Were projecting continued growth and the Humboldt community has played a key role in supporting that growth by offering the resources we need to be successful.

According to Hy-Capacity, the facilitys design will incorporate the latest environmental stewardship best practices, including integrated geothermal and wind power systems.

When we decided to expand our current facility, we knew it was important to minimize our impact on the environment and maximize our energy efficiency, said Molly Varangkounh, vice president of Hy-Capacity. Our employees have been committed to reducing waste in our existing facility, and we plan on carrying that mindset through each phase of expansion.

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