U.S. Factory Output Falls In September

Decline more than offsets August gain.

Manufacturing production declined three-tenths of a percentage point in September, more than offsetting August's two-tenths percent increase in factory output, the Federal Reserve Board reported on Oct. 17. Production of manufactured durable goods decreased four-tenths of a percentage point in September, with output falling at least 1% among makers of wood products, non-metallic mineral products, machinery, motor vehicles and parts, furniture, and electrical equipment and appliances. Manufacturing of non-durable goods was down two-tenths of a percentage point in September as makers of chemicals, plastics and rubber products, textiles, apparel and leather recorded lower levels of production.

U.S. factories ran at 80.8% of capacity in September, down from 81.2% in July and August.

Overall U.S. industrial production, which includes mining and utilities in addition to manufacturing, declined six-tenths of a percentage point in September after holding steady in August. Capacity utilization was 81.9% in September, down six-tenths of a percentage point from 82.5% in August.

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