Why You Should Be Optimistic, and Invest in Your Manufacturing Business

Contrary to what you might read in the media -- filled with doom and gloom -- industrial production is picking up steam. "This is a vibrant recovery for manufacturing," said Alan Beaulieau, president of ITR Economics, a firm with a 94+% forecast accuracy rate. "Indeed as a percent of GDP, manufacturing is increasing, and for the first time in decades, manufacturing is on the ascent compared to GDP in the U.S. And even the GDP line is starting to move up."

Gain access to ITR's economic forecasts through its partnership with IndustryWeek. Go to http://www.industryweek.com/ITR to learn more and for free samples.

This presentation was recorded at the conference, "Fast Forward: Strategies for Solving Manufacturer's Most Challenging Problems," presented by IndustryWeek and the Italian Trade Commission's Machines Italia project, in cooperation with Italy's Federmacchine.

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