Manufacturing in Houston [Slideshow]

For a number of manufacturers, Houston is home. And the number is growing

The 10-county area has 5,337 manufacturers with 245,521 workers. And it’s expected to add 5,300 new manufacturing jobs in 2013, according to estimates by the Greater Houston Partnership, an economic development organization.

Overall, Houston supports 2.7 million jobs and through December 2012 had recovered 178.6% of the jobs it lost during the recession, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Last year, John C. Higgins, president and CEO of Neutex Advanced Energy Group, was one of those manufacturers bringing jobs to the region.

Higgins, who runs a LED manufacturer, in 2012 relocated his business to Houston from Shanghai, China.

 “Everything about Houston made sense,” Higgins said.

He was won over by the city’s progressive view on energy, its available talent pool of skilled and unskilled workers; the strength of its transportation network of highways and railroads; and by the high concentration of C-level executives present in the city, he said.

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