Automation Advance at IMTS 2014

Mitsubishi Electric is showcasing a demonstration unit at IMTS 2014 that shows a complete manufacturing line built using Mitsubishi products as well as products from Balluff, eWon, Cognex and SMC. The individual processes in the line communicate not only with each other but with most ERP and MES systems.

The demo begins with a machining cell where customers will see a 3D vision guided robot, picking random parts out of a bin, as Mitsubishi Electric's David Kaley explains to IW Executive Editor Steve Minter. The part is then placed into a live machining station.

After machining, the product goes through inspection and then into a flow wrapper where it is packaged and labelled. The products end up at a material handling station where they are prepared for secondary packaging and shipment.

The entire process is monitored and managed by a SCADA system which incorporates machine enterprise communications as well as energy usage monitoring.

Kaley said the system reduces manpower needs, provides increased production line flexibility and improves productivity.

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