Robots of IMTS 2014

It's impossible to do justice to the size, power or scale of the robots on display at IMTS 2014.

Robots are integrated into just about every machine on site, welding components, tending CNCs, juggling car bodies and handing out conference swag.

Robots are everywhere at McCormick Place this year, automating everything.  

Together, they show off the full range of today's automation capabilities – from super-powerful and super-fast robots, to inherently safe, simple collaborative designs.

This is what is coming next for manufacturing. Robots are scalable for just about any shop now, flexible enough to adjust to just about any task. There is something here for every manufacturer in every industry.

The following is just a sample of some of the new tools available at IMTS 2014, showing off their tricks and flexing their robotic muscles.

See the IndustryWeek team's comprehensive IMTS coverage.

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