Alcoa to Restart Idled U.S. Smelters

Fill 260 jobs through recall and hiring

Alcoa announced on Jan. 7 that it plans to restart idled potlines at three aluminum smelters in the U.S.

The company will create approximately 260 new jobs through recall and hiring.

The restarted facilities will increase the company's aluminum production by 137,000 metric tons over the course of 2011 and by 200,000 metric tons on an annual basis thereafter.

The company says the restarts will allow it to take advantage of long-term, low-cost power options that will continue to move it down on the aluminum cost curve and improve overall competitiveness. The move is occurring now to help Alcoa meet anticipated growth in aluminum demand and to meet obligations outlined in power agreements with energy providers.

Capacity will be restarted at the Massena East facility in Massena, N.Y.; Wenatchee Works in Malaga, Wash. and Intalco in Ferndale, Wash.

"We compete in a global economy and power is a major cost in our operations," said John Thuestad group president of Alcoa Primary Products. "Thanks to continued partnerships with our energy providers and government officials, we have been able to secure our power needs to meet future demand, improve Alcoa's competitive position and provide this positive economic impact."

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