Dow Solar Begins Hiring for Midland Plant

Creation of new advanced manufacturing jobs will help make Michigan a 'green tech' hub

The Dow Chemical Co. announced on Sept. 13 the creation of 100 new jobs to support the development of its Dow POWERHOUSE Solar Shingles at its facility in Midland, Michigan.

According to Dow Solar general manager, Jane Palmieri, this is the result of continued collaboration between Dow, the State of Michigan and the City of Midland to accelerate production of the DOW POWERHOUSE Solar Shingles, and create new, advanced manufacturing jobs that are helping make Michigan a "green tech" hub of the new U.S. economy.

"It is also the first phase towards bringing more than 1,200 jobs to the region by 2014 to support the production of our solar product here in Midland,"said Palmieri.

The initial wave of solar-related jobs will be in manufacturing, with hiring of qualified candidates expected to begin as early as the end of September. The Company worked closely with union officials to develop the criteria for these positions, and ensure the right skills were in place to support the anticipated 2011 market demands.

"As Dow adds to its portfolio of building-related solar-energy-generating products, well continue to tap into the base of highly skilled workers we have right here in the Great Lakes Bay Regio,"said Earl Shipp, Dow vice president for Michigan Operations.

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