Industrial Robot Provider Expands Operations in Pittsburgh

Seegrid Corp., a Pittsburgh-based provider of industrial mobile robots, recently announced that the company is expanding and moving its Pittsburgh headquarters to a 30,000-square-foot facility near Pittsburgh International Airport.

The expansion, intended to better prepare Seegrid for increasing demand and orders, will bring additional jobs to the Pittsburgh area in 2010 and beyond, according to the company.

The expansion is intended to house Seegrid's growing operations, including design and engineering, sales, assembly and implementation, according to the company. Seegrid also operates an office and production facility in Lowell, Mass.

Seegrid robots are used to perform put-away and long-haul functions in warehouses, and parts delivery and end-of-line product movement in manufacturing facilities.

"Because Seegrid sells a product that promotes efficiency and productivity, the recession has worked to our advantage," CEO Scott Freidman said. "Today our robots are working every day alongside workers in various environments, from distribution to manufacturing. Our robots reduce the cost of pallet movement by up to 80% and boost overall productivity and profitability."

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