Kyocera America Doubles Flip-Chip Assembly Capacity

New $3.5 million clean room in San Diego

Kyocera America, Inc. announced on F3b. 7 that it has doubled its flip-chip assembly capacity for microelectronic devices with a new $3.5 million Class 10,000 clean room, offering lead-free processes as one of North America's only Qualified Manufacturers List-certified flip-chip assembly providers.

The new clean room offers technology including fine-pitch flip-chip, multiple components within one operation, vacuum die-attach and vacuum-assembly sealings for flip-chip and multi-chip module assembly. The expansion also reduces overall cycle times for all levels of manufacturing, the company said.

"We can now support customers from prototype to high-volume production right here in San Diego, protecting intellectual property by not sending it offshore, said Tim Roth, General Manager of Kyocera's Assembly Technology Division. "Along with higher volume production, Kyocera now offers lead-free flip-chip assembly, ahead of federal RoHS regulations which take effect in 2014."

Kyocera provides assembly services for diverse microelectronics markets, including high-speed digital communications, high-reliability applications, high-count I/O devices, high-end servers, multi-core processors and data transport infrastructure. The company recently increased its engineering staff to provide additional customer service, design and development expertise.

In 2011, Kyocera marked its 40th anniversary of U.S. microelectronic package manufacturing; it has also offered cost-effective manufacturing at Kyocera Mexicana since 1988; and it has performed assembly services in San Diego since 1991.

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