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Ohio Gov. Kasich Says Shell Tight-Lipped on Plant Location

Pennsylvania poses competitive challenge because of Shell's holdings in the area.

HOUSTON -- Ohio Gov. John Kasich said March 7 Royal Dutch Shell remains tight-lipped regarding its intention to build an ethane cracker in the Marcellus shale region.

The state may be in a solid position to attract the plant because it already has several gas processing facilities, Kasich said.

Kasich spoke with reporters just hours before Shell CEO Peter Voser was scheduled to address CERA Week energy conference attendees in Houston.

Ohio is also more stable politically and has demonstrated more favorable job growth than its competitors, Kasich said.

But Ohio faces some competitive challenges from Pennsylvania because Ohio is still early in its shale gas development and Shell already has holdings in Pennsylvania, Kasich said.

"Does it make more sense for them to go there? I don't know," Kasich said. "But what I do know is if we get a cracker in the Midwest it's going to help everybody."

Kasich said the local resins and auto industry could take advantage of the ethylene produced from the plant.

"So if it comes to the Midwest it's a win," Kasich said.

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