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Toyota Industries Opens Plant in Georgia

Plant will create 320 jobs.

Earlier this week, Toyota Industries Corp. announced it will open a manufacturing plant in Pendergrass in Jackson County, creating 320 jobs. The company's Georgia operation will be known as Toyota Industries Compressor Parts America (TICA), and it represents a $350 million investment.

"Georgia's innovative logistics infrastructure, progressive business environment and highly skilled workforce will greatly benefit the worlds largest automotive compressor manufacturer. I am glad to welcome Toyota Industries Corporations newest plant to Georgia," said Gov. Nathan Deal.

The Pendergrass operation will be located next to TD Automotive Compressor Georgia (TACG), allowing the company to leverage synergies between the two operations. The TICA plant will manufacture the main parts of automotive compressors currently being imported from Japan and assembled at the TACG facility. The opening of the new TICA plant will allow those parts once manufactured in Japan to be manufactured in Georgia, and conveyed directly to TACG and also shipped to other compressor plants.

Toyota Industries Corp. supplies automotive compressors for Toyota Motor Corporation, as well as Chrysler, Ford, General Motors and others.

The company will be offered workforce training assistance from Georgia Quick Start, which will provide Toyota Industries Corp. with customized training to facilitate start-up at its TICA operation. Quick Start is Georgia's No. 1-ranked workforce training program that has extensive experience working with state-of-the-art advanced manufacturing operations.

Toyota Industries Corp. expects to begin operations at the TICA plant by late 2013.

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